Flute and Piano Pillow Concert

Magical, tender, ancient – one of the most mysterious musical instrument will be presented on 21 and 22 April, right after Easter, at the Pillow Concert series.

“The winds’ breath” is how the poets call the flute. It is present in different spiritually related rituals – with the aborigines and the Indians, with the Buddhists and dervishes, in Siberia and India, in Japan and Ireland. In each tribe, in every nationality, ethnical group, in the different civilizations, we can find the flute’s traces. It is no secret that each nation has its folk tale about the “magical pipe”.

In order to bewitch us with music for flute and piano, we have invited the young musicians Gergana Ivanova (flute), a winner of 10 awards from international and national competitions, and Kristian Banatsianou (piano), a piano teacher and an accompanist in leading musical institutions in Bulgaria and USA.

Their acoustic duo will uncover the beauty of Baroque music and the characteristic sounding if the “ polyphonic style” with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sonata. Later on, they will takes us to the refined and pictorial music of the French composer Pierre Sancan. The end is for the dazzling, lively and intense music of the Georgian composer Otar Taktakishvili.

Pillows, color pencils and special musical sheets, as well as delicious and healthy organic products by Matatama are ready for you at both flute concerts.

We are expecting you on 21 April, Saturday, for an afternoon concert at 17:00 and on 22 April, Sunday, for a morning concert at 11:00.

You can make a reservation at the “Reservations” page or by e-mailing tickets@modo.bg. If you have a voucher and would like to activate it, please, add its number at the form and bring it on the day of your chosen concert.

The ticket prices are:

An adult and a child – 25 leva;
Two adults and a child – 30 leva;
An adult and two children – 30 leva;
Two adults and two/three children – 35 leva;

Tickets will be sold on the days of the concerts. Modo Art Gallery is located in the Lozenetz district, 8 Kotel Street.

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