Quarto Pillow Concert

Union of the Architects in Bulgaria, 11 Krakra Str., Hall 2
9 December 2012 (Sunday)
11:00 and 17:00

Two violins, a viola and a violoncello will introduce us into the world of winter fairy-tales, dancing snowflakes, snowstorms, toboggan runs and ice. The Quarto Quartet chamber ensemble will present ‘Winter’ from ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi to the little-big audience during the December Quarto Pillow Concerts.

The musicians – Ivan Penchev (violin), Svetlana Stancheva (violin), Tatyana Todorova (viola) and Dimitar Tenchev (violoncello) will
surprise the kids by including them with the help of percussions instruments in the performance of ‘Toy Symphony’ by Leopold Mozart (father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).

The beauty of the string quartet will be heard in Ludwig van Beethoven’s work String quartet op. 95 Serioso as well as in the probably most distinguished musical theme from the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the serenade A Little Night Music.

‘The magnificent dramaturgy, the exceptional expression and the unique stage presence are amongst the most typical characteristics of Quarto Quartet’s style. They create the impression that the quartet narrates, dances and draws a world of their own full of sounds and emotions instead of simply playing.’

Apart from the intensive concert activities, the quartet also does many recording projects both in Bulgaria and abroad.

150 soft pillows, musical sheets in the form of a quaver note and lots of color pencils will again be awaiting their audience for the December Quarto Pillow Concerts.

You can make a reservation or activate a voucher via the reservations section at the website of Pillow Concerts or via email at tickets@modo.bg.

Ticket prices are:

An adult and a child – 25 leva;
Two adults and a child – 30 leva;
An adult and two children – 30 leva;
Two adults and two/three children – 35 leva;

Tickets will be sold on the days of the concert.

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