The Artists

Desislava Pancheva а.k.а. Dssy Mssy (HIP HIP ATELIER)
Sveta Nedelia Square

Dssy Messy is a contemporary artist influenced by the street art culture. She is mixing various styles and multimedia arts. She has participated in a large number of collective projects in the visual and digital art fields. The artist has founded the first bookstore for independent artistic publishers in Bulgaria hiphiplibrary.

Magdalena Miteva (LUMAGI)
City Garden, in front of the National Theatre

LuMagi calls herself a junk artist and her favorite instrument is the hammer. She makes wondrous combinations of all sorts of materials and transforms the old and ugly into something enchanting and inspiring. She is the author of many installations, interiors and several collections of accessories.

Denitsa Argiropolus
Tchaika garden (Rakovska Str and Ivan Vazov Str)

А scenographer by education and a poet in her soul. Likes to make all sorts of things and to sue. Works as a scenographer at the Lovetch Theater. The author of scenery and costumes for many theater productions, video clips and TV series. A winner of the prestigious Ikar award for Scenography.

Vikenti Komitski
Portugal Square (Ivan Assen II Str)

A conceptualist, working in the field of ready-made art. He is using ordinary objects from everyday life in his works, adding different and sometimes critical context to them. Vikenti has participated in a number of exhibitions in the largest European capitals, as well as in New York.

Eva Ventova
National Art Academy garden

Eva likes big and noisy cultural activities and large-scale scenography. She has created sets and decorations for plays, video clips as well as many other events (SPIRIT of BURGAS among others). A winner of the Ikar award for Scenography.

Teleto, Yeto , Flak1, Jermain (140 IDEAS)
National Library Garden

A team of four boys (each one of them with more than 140 ideas) who can easily be referred to as the biggest graffiti masters in the country. They have participated in the biggest street art festivals. Their works are present on numerous interiors and exteriors throughout the whole country.

Vladimir Rachev
Doctors’ Garden

He defines his works as ‘na?ve’ but we would say childishly ‘fresh’. He is active in product design and crazy installations. He loves to convert function and meaning of objects. He has participated in the prestigious exhibition “Does it exist or does it not: Bulgarian product design now”.

Ivailo, Peter and Maria (PUNKT WORKSHOP)
Zaimov Park

“We cut pipes in an artistic fashion” is the motto of their website. They create odd pieces of furniture and objects by applying their basic tactics – recycling of banal and old objects and materials. They are the authors of many pieces of furniture and home accessories as well as children toys.

Simeon Shivachev
Ariana Lake (near Orlov Most)

He is a follower of abstract art in its purest form. Simeon is the author of numerous canvases and sculptures – unusual and provocative colors and forms. He has presented his works in many solo and collective exhibitions.

Ogniana Serafimova and Martin Penev
Russian Church garden

She is a promising young scenografer with three nominations and one Ikar award. He is an innovator in interactive multimedia art. Both of them have many successful projects together. Their tandem promises theatrical, dynamic and unusual works.

Magdalina Chavdarova, Katerina Moneva and Maria Nedelcheva (DIV ROSHKOV)
South Park, Vitosha blvd.

They are the most artistic landscape architects. A team of young professionals with ‘blossoming’ ideas, dedicating their work to designing the public space. They are the authors of numerous initiatives for alternative planting and urban agriculture.

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