Piano Trios by Beethoven and Haydn

20 November 2010 | 17:00 Rumen Traykov (piano), Preslav Ganev (violin) and Stamen Nikolov (violoncello)

Rumen Traykov (piano), Preslav Ganev (violin) and Stamen Nikolov (violoncello) form a piano trio of experienced musicians. They have had many concert performances, competition prizes and masterclass participations in both Bulgaria and abroad.
Upon graduating from the National Music Academy ‘Pancho Vladigerov’ they formed a chamber trio and continued performing as an ensemble. In their own words, the initial impulse to work together came from: ‘…our long-lasting friendship and shared love of chamber music. We hope you will enjoy our performance’.

Beethoven – Piano trio op. 1, No. 1

Piano trio op. 1, No. 1 is a classic example of the characteristic Beethovenian style with its clarity and rationality of thought, and magnificent balance between the parts of the whole. It was written in 1794, in the early creative period of the composer when he lived in Vienna. In this piece, one can feel the influence of Haydn’s style whom Beethoven had professional relationship with. The trio’s atmosphere is rather lyrical than virtuoso and in certain moments it even catches the dramatism and pathos of the late Beethoven works.

Haydn – Piano Trio No. 39 „Gypsy Rondo”

Piano trio No. 39 was written in 1795 when Haydn was in his mid-forties. At this time, chamber music and especially trios were among his favourite genres. This piece has much energy, typical for Haydn’s compositional face with its characteristic vitality, vigor, and verve. The colorful name “Gypsy Rondo” comes from the last movement – alive, energetic and virtuosic, with lots of good spirit.

1. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 – 1828)

Piano Trio Op 1 No 1 – E-flat major
I. Allegro
II. Adagio cantabile
III. Scherzo. Аllegro assai
IV. Finale. Presto

2. Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809)

Piano Trio, No. 39, Hob. XV/25 Gypsy – G major
I. Andante
II. Poco adagio, cantabile
III. Rondo a l’Ongerese: Presto

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