Elitsa – Student of the Month for February in
Music Lessons

Teacher: Маya Mihailova

- How did you decide to start playing the piano?
Piano is my favorite instrument and I like it very much. That’s why I put down my name for lessons. And also my mother made me to do some extra activity and I choose the piano.

- Do you like coming here?
Yes, very much. Here is much more fun than school. I love coming here!

- How long have you been playing the piano? You have started at another music school and then join to ours?
Yes. I started playing the piano at the kindergarten four years ago.

- Do you like playing in front of your family or friends?
Generally yes except for my classmates. In front of relatives I would play with pleasure because after the performance they give me sweets. I have a great fun when I play. Usually I play in front of close friends and my family, but I wouldn’t play in front of acquaintances.

- Why? Do you feel embarrass?
Yes, a little bit. I am confused because I get used to play for Mum and Dad. And when you play for someone for the first time the score go out of your mind!

- The next concert of students of Music Lessons is coming soon. You have already taken part and you are experienced in it. Tell us what’s the feeling to play in front of the audience.
It’s a little bit confusing! I have been on stage many times when I danced ballet. But it was my first piano concert. That’s why I was embarrassed but now I know what the feeling is.

- Tell us about your piano at home. What is your instrument and what are the differences from the piano here?
My piano at home is actually a synthesizer. It also has three pedals but it quite differs from the instruments here.

- What are the differences?
These are true pianos and the mine is synthesizer!!!

- And then what’s the feeling when playing at home and here? Where the playing is easier?
For me here is easier, because at home if I don’t hit the key strong enough, it won’t make a sound. And I must press it really strong. The other thing I don’t like about my instrument is that it works by electricity not by batteries. And If I forget it consumes a lot of energy. I really desire to have a real piano!

- Do you want to try a different instrument not only piano?
A guitar may be. I’m curious what it is like!

- Do you think the piano helps you in other spheres-do you think playing makes you more organized or something else?
Generally when doing my homework I am quite bored and then I look at my piano and it makes me feel happy and that’s how I continue with my duties. If I hadn’t a piano maybe I would write my homework three days! Recently I notice that when I play I become more relaxed. The piano makes my everyday duties less monotonous. Otherwise it is one and the same – from home to school and back and that makes me nervous. The piano definitely calms me down. Since playing the piano I cope better with all the activities connected with art- music, painting, etc. I would recommend to everybody to take piano lessons- it’s much more fun than school!

- How often do you play?
It’s 5 or 10 minutes a day. It’s usually in the evening when I come home from school and I have free time.

- Do you have any favorite piece that you play now?
No, I don’t! I like all the pieces I play. I can not name one. They all are cool.

- What do you think about your teacher at Music Lessons?
I think that she is very kind. She makes me laugh and it’s quite pleasant while we are playing. At the kindergarten the teacher was very strict. I didn’t get all things about the notes. Here things are easier because the teacher explains everything and shows me how to play.

- How do you prepare yourself when you are going to have a concert? Do you do something special?
Yes, I prepare myself in a special manner. Several days before the concert I play half an hour and even more. And can’t stop thinking about my clothing. If I play in front of small group of people I don’t prepare more that usual because I know my pieces and I’m not very confused. Before a concert I inspect my whole garderobe to decide what suits me most. When the big day comes I am quite nervous. When playing I make some mistakes because of the panic. Sometimes I even overact! If everything went well it’s a great relief, but if I made a mistake I turn red.

- What do you think about the place of the lessons?
It’s very nice here! The best is that there is a big window and you can see everything trough it. The other advantage is this kitchen cupboard which can hold everything. All the things here are beautiful!

- Do you have any aim in playing the piano or do you make it only for fun?
It’s just a hobby for me. I don’t have any particular purpose to achieve. It’s a way to spend time in a pleasant and funny manner. I even want to come here twice a week, not only once. If I came here in Sunday it would be much better because I would calm down before Monday at school.

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