Martina – Student of the Month for January in Music Lessons

Teacher: Dimitar Atanasov

„After a lesson I feel completely refreshed and full of positive energy”

- How did you decide to start singing lessons?

I’ve been dreaming to sing ever since I was a little girl. I even sang in a choir as a child. But singing was a dream that never managed to fulfill professionally, so I decided to turn it into a hobby. It took me a long time to find a place where I can take singing lessons as an amateur without having any ambitions for a future professional career. Two years passed without any result, but one day I found Music Lessons by chance. The idea appealed to me, I went to a free lesson and liked it. It was fun and me and teacher got on very well together. He understood my wish that mainly involved relaxing and having fun. That’s how I decided to start singing lessons.

- You mentioned that you had sung in a choir as a child. What’s the difference between singing in a choir and singing as a soloist?

The feeling of singing in a choir for me was boring and all in the same key. We had to be arranged in a curtain way, which in my opinion restricts the emotions that must be put into singing. That’s why I stayed there only for a year. When you sing as a soloist it’s completely different and you can develop yourself. What is more is that you can choose songs on your own, songs that make you feel good. That’s the main goal for me.

- How do you choose the songs you sing? Are they songs that you like or are they songs that you identify yourself with?

First and foremost I must like the song and it has to provoke some emotions inside me. After that I put my best foot forward not to choose monotonous songs so that they can develop my singing skills. I love songs that I connect with a certain memory, with a certain experience. When I sing such songs I escape reality. I believe that when you feel the songs and can connect them with a certain event things become better.

- At the end of the last year you participated in a concert of the students of Music Lessons for the first time. Tell us about your experience.

It was great fun! The decision to take part was totally spontaneous. I felt that I have fulfilled my goal – to feel free and be myself with no regard to age, profession and everything else. I was totally into the moment and the pleasant atmosphere! The other thing that I liked was that I met the rest of the people who come to Music Lessons. Somehow you become a part of a society after such a concert. I felt as a part of the whole idea “Music Lessons” and I definitely liked that!

- Your participation was very artistic. Have you ever taken an acting class?

When I was at the age of 6-7 I took acting lessons.I hardly have any memory from that time. I think it might have something to do with my experience at the university where we studied “Personal Communications”, part of that was to make a contact with an audience.
That came very useful in my job later. I remembered it before my performance. The contact with the public is the most important thing and people must feel that you sing or talk especially to them. I did what I have been taught and it seems like it was a success. It’s not so much the acting as it is the connection with the public.

- Since you have taken singing lessons do you feel a change and a progress in your voice? Do you feel you have become more free and skilled in singing?

Yes, definitely! Especially when I start singing songs that I have learnt and then remembering how I sang them before. After the notes and advices from Mitko I feel the progress in my singing. If I hadn’t seen the use in it I wouldn’t have taken already 30 lessons. But the main benefit of these lessons is the relaxation after a working day and the entire emotional discharging. After a lesson I feel completely refreshed and full of positive energy. That’s the reason I can’t wait for next lesson each time.

- I heard that for Christmas you have received synthesizer as a present. How did you happen to wish for it and what are your plans with the piano?

My enthusiasm towards the piano appeared after one lesson when Mitko showed me how to play the first several chords of a song I sang at that moment. I liked it very much; it was a very pleasant experience for me. That’s how I decided to write to Santa asking for a synthesizer and he really brought it to me. Now I still self-teach myself and rely completely on my visual memory. In future I plan to start piano lessons as well but I have to find time for that.

- What do you think about the voucher for music lessons as a present for your friends?

That’s a great present. If I know the person is interested in singing or playing a musical instrument, it would be my pleasure to make such a gift. I believe that this may contribute to a positive emotional development in everyone as it happened to me.

- What would you tell the people who desire to play an instrument or sing but have not had the courage to start lessons?

The most important is the desire. Music lessons charge you with a positive energy and make daily routine much more interesting and pleasant. After a lesson I’m smiling, feeling satisfied and above all – rested from my daily tasks. I would tell everyone that after I started singing my life became much more active and full of variety. One shouldn’t do without such a pleasure and should just try it.

- What do your friends think about your singing lessons?

At first my friends didn’t consider seriously the fact I started singing lessons at the age of 25. But after a while they were thrilled and started asking me what I sing, what are my experiences during the lessons and totally changed their point of view. I haven’t had the courage to sing for them yet, but I probably will invite them to the next concert of the students of Music Lessons. I think they will be fascinated and will love everything about it – the place, the people and the performances.

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