Stefan Pashaleevsky,
guitar teacher

We are people, we live on the ground, sometimes we swim in the sea, sometimes we watch our world from the sky, we can feel, understand and recreate everything around us – the sea, the world, the fire, may be even a bad desire – we do have this capability, we call it Art.

The main target of my guitar course is to develop this capability – absolutely pragmatically, every student will have the opportunity to identify and reproduce with music all beloved things from his own world. Childhood dolls and balls, adult drinks and oil kings – the everydayness of every man has different objects. Well, it is a bit hard to play an armchair or a bicycle, but quite an easy task for everyone is to express his relation to his favourite activities and things, to his family, to the ones he loves from the guitar fret board. Moreover – all of this has been already played and published – we just have to find it together.

I do believe that the Guitar book I use contains really deep musical pieces, specially arranged for beginners. You can easily play everything in it, but this doesn’t really matter. What do matters, though, is that if you find pleasure in playing a certain piece, most probably you are expressing something personal, unique and beautiful with it. In case you feel nothing, there is only one conclusion – you don’t have to play that piece as it has no meaning to you.

The relation between points in space is the main principle of our culture – it is called function in mathematics and expression in art. I am not quite sure if the functions are enjoyable but I know – playing the guitar is always cool.


Stefan Pashaleesky holds a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", is a professional guitar player and а DJ.

He started to play at the age of ten. The idea to start visiting guitar lessons came to his head accidentally while he was playing on a stick with his friends in one of the neighbourhood yards– they were pretending to be a rock band. Real guitar seemed to be more interesting. So, it all had started – music lessons with Sonya Savchenco and Pavel Pavlov, street jams with lots of musicians and friends, two Grunge bands, the orchestra of the gymnasium choir, drum lessons with Joro Angelov, a lot of Jazz, Hip Hop and Reggae in New York, massive Drum and Bass, Electro and Dub in London, a bit of Tarantella in the south of Italy, vinyls, two decks, mixer, computer, lots of effects, pedals, loops, parties and concerts. Stefan is part of the MODUL project.

You can hear some of his compositions here.

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