Why Buy a Grand?

Having a grand piano in your home does not necessarily require you to play it. People buy grands for a number of reasons:

1. It is a beautiful object – there are pianos in all sizes and colors. Nothing can compare to the nobleness and prestige a grand piano can bring in your home.

2. If you can’t play it, perhaps your guests can – imagine how classy a dinner party can be if it continues as an improvised piano bar concert with some drinks, of course!

3. If you can’t play it today, that doesn’t mean you will never be able to! The newest and most fashionable hobby is to learn an instrument as an adult. Famous people that play an instrument just for fun include:
Jennifer Garner – saxophone
Richard Gere – trumpet
Dustin Hoffman – piano
Anthony Hopkins – piano
Julia Roberts – clarinet and oboe
Meryl Streep – violin
Bruce Willis – harmonica
Bill Clinton – saxophone
Condeleeza Rice – piano

Music Lessons will help with making this dream come true for you!

4. Private chamber concerts are increasingly popular in Bulgaria. This tradition has been going on for centuries in the developed countries and the biggest obstacle for organizing such events is the absense of a grand piano. If you have one at your home, we could help in pursuading the best Bulgarian classical musicians to perform just for you and your friends.

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